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Summer Arts Camp is...

a one or two week educational visual and performing arts camp, offering instruction to beginner through advanced students ages 3 to 14 years of age.

 What Makes Us Different...

​•  Emphasis is put on the process (the skills learned) rather

    than just the result (the show or finished product), giving

    attention to the educational aspect of art 

•  Campers are not required  to participate

   in classroom activities in art genres that they are not     

   comfortable in

•  Ratios of adult to camper are kept low for the safety and

    individual attention of campers

•  Parking is safe and convenient 

•  Camps are held in a facility dedicated to arts education   

•  Campers are exposed to many artists, giving them a broad

    perspective of the arts

•  Guidance is provided to help further campers' arts

    education after camp has ended and throughout the year

•  Camp counselors are CPR and First Aid certified

•  Every camper receives a FREE t-shirt

•  Other than tuition, there are no additional art fees or

    registration fees 

Our mission is to...

​•  Provide an arts education in a safe and nurturing environment 

•  Inspire individual creativity and arts ability

•  Expose North Carolina youth to various genres of visual and

   performing arts

•  Offer experiences in team building with young people from 

   different backgrounds 

•  Create an accepting atmosphere for children with disabilities

•  Present the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests

•  Give young people tools to become critical thinkers and problem-


•  Spark a realization of individual talent

•  Enrich the lives of children who have less access to an arts


•  Build self-esteem and enhance interpersonal growth

•  Offer tools that will teach our young people how to utilize the arts

   as a form of communication & individual expression

•  Provide an opportunity for local artists to make a living within their

   own community

•  Help to develop future artists and arts advocates

•  Provide a fun summer camp experience for our campers

“Acting is the ability to dream on cue.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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